Personal Touch

At XACT Payroll you can expect to be the center of our attention. We are dedicated to providing you an accurate service with a focus on taking care of your needs. You can expect prompt results when you have a question or request. At XACT Payroll, you are the reason we are in business.


Unlike most payroll providers, XACT Payroll does not impound your payroll tax liability money, rather we initiate the disbursement of these funds from your account directly to the appropriate taxing authority. This allows you the ability to confirm that these payments have been made every month when you receive your bank statement.


At XACT Payroll we have made our processes flexible so that yours do not have to be. We will work with you to gather the appropriate payroll information in the way that works best for you. You can call us, email us, fax us or even use our automated time clock to provide us with your payroll information.